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Pennant Books & Software exists to serve the needs of students and scholars.

The business publishes books under the Pennant Academic imprint.

Its primary software produce, the Vocab Builder Pro, has been developed for upper high school students, covering French, German and Italian. It includes a little over 2,000 words in its base vocabulary, and provides an excellent means of helping students to improve their grasp (and pronunciation) of the minimum necessary vocabulary. Click on the Software tab for more information.

Furthermore, on the basis of this work, and after years of development, the business has developed a vocabulary building software framework, using the Vocab Builder Pro, under the acquire-vocabTM banner. The acquire-vocab system can be accommodated to suit any Indo-European language. Currently a package is being developed for use by tourists about to go to France, together with packages for Koine Greek, which are planned to cover the entire New Testament. Skilled authors and linguists are invited to contribute, with new packages covering European languages. Generous royalties are available. Contact for more information.

Pennant Academic

Books are published under the Pennant Academic imprint.

Titles published:

Graham Davis Lovell, Gregory of Neocaesarea: Evangelist in the province of Pontus. Sydney: Pennant Academic, 2012. ISBN 978-1-876666-00-2.


Titles are available from Amazon, or from your local bookshop (if not in stock, you can ask for it to be ordered in via Ingram).

In Australia, retailers can purchase our titles directly from us for resale.

Kindle versions are of our titles are also available. However, in order to protect digital rights, they can only be purchased directly from Amazon.


Authors of academic works, specifically works that are believed to deal with matters of interest to a wider audience, are invited to email publication proposals to . Instructions on formatting texts for publication will be provided on request.

Vocab Builder Pro

Learning a foreign language vocabulary is simple and methodical with the Vocab Builder Pro computer program.

Unique System

The exercises in the program are structured for progressive learning. Each word is introduced, together with its (English) meaning. The program records and remembers your progress on each word under both learning and recall methods. If you are having difficulty remembering a particular word, the Vocab Builder Pro brings that word up for review on subsequent days, until you have remembered it. The program gives lots of positive reinforcement - we are sure that you will be pleased with the good progress that you or your students will make.

Audio Component

The audio component helps you with pronunciation, and also with remembering your words.


Vocab Builders are available for French, German and Italian. If you are learning one of these languages you will want to have a copy of the Vocab Builder. The system of learning provided in these programs is unique. These programs do much more than just testing your vocabulary knowledge: each Vocab Builder is designed to help you learn and recall new words.


To buy the Vocab Builder Pro, please go to our Internet Store.

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